About This Project

The finest fabrics are used to create American Bespoke Ties, which are meticulously made and
woven. Knowing the variety of patterns available is useful if you need to wear a tie to work every
day or just wear a tie for special occasions. Your tie can transform from a work uniform to a
dapper ensemble for casual events and celebrations with a simple change of pattern and colour.

Solid relations are the most basic and straightforward alternative, but they aren't the most
flexible. They are most appropriate for formal occasions. Because of its simplicity, matching the
colour of a solid tie to your suit, shirt, and skin tone are important. It goes without saying that if
anyone is forcefully tying your black-tie around your neck, you can refuse to wear it.

If you work in a traditional industry or need to meet with executives, darker shades like navy,
grey, and burgundy are needed. This is a rather polished look that says you mean business
when paired with a clean white shirt. For formal occasions, a subdued, dark solid tie is also

You may wear more vibrant, but not too vivid, coloured ties in more comfortable business
settings. Pastels like blue, yellow, and lilac are excellent options for lightening a dark suit.

Since a solid tie is a continuous swath of colour, it's simple to go from understated to overt.
Wearing lighter and muted colours is less jarring on the eyes, but if you really want to stand out,
go for a saturated colour like green, yellow, or red.