Suits with vest

Experience the unmistakable feel of a well-fitted suits with vest. We can create an elegant suit that speaks volumes about the man who wears it. whether it’s for work or special occasions, by combining your personality with our tailoring expertise.

The distinctions between an off-the-rack suit and a custom suit may not be apparent to the untrained eye, but to those in the know, the finer aspects of a custom suit are actually very obvious. There’s no denying that a custom suit tailored to a man’s body looks better – so why is that? To begin with, a custom-tailored suit takes into account the fact that most people’s bodies are asymmetrical. Since this asymmetry is also present at the shoulders, it’s critical that these considerations be taken into account when creating a custom suit.


Pick stitching – Pick stitching gives a custom suits with vest an extra “finished” look, and it can be designed to blend in with the suit or to contrast with it to add visual appeal.
Two-piece construction (jacket & trousers)
Waistcoat (optional)
Paper patterns designed from the ground up to suit your specific lifestyle and scale
Fabrics from Zegna, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Cerruti, and others are available in a variety of non-branded and premium branded options.
A high-quality bespoke suit that has been expertly designed and is made to last. It can be completely customised to your preferences and needs.
Guaranteed perfect match
There is a high-end full-canvas option available.
Accent thread on the labels and buttonholes. The choices are nearly endless, ranging from small hue variations to maximum contrast, and they all add a polished look to the entire suit.

Fittings – To get the perfect match, you’ll need at least two fittings.

Styles and designs
Create a modern man’s essential wardrobe that reflects your distinct lifestyle, sense of style, and requirements. You will look the part at work in front of your customers, as well as at weddings and dinner parties, with our tailored suits. The possibilities are endless.
Every suits with vest at American Bespoke Tailor begins as a two-dimensional length of superfine suiting fabric, which is then transformed to match the customer precisely to his specifications, fully fulfilling an individual’s vision for their own clothing.