About This Project

The most common formal wear for evening events or weddings is a Tuxedo, also known as a
dinner suit. Create your own tuxedo by deciding on the overall look specifics. Each Custom
Tuxedo is handcrafted and tailored to fit you perfectly. We add the excitement and allure of a
black-tie event to our custom tuxedos and other formal wear. We only work by appointment to
ensure that each of our clients gets the individual attention they deserve. From bottle green
velvet to royal blue wool, there’s something for everyone! We have every season’s color!

Every garment we create is infused with true artistry. There are no corners cut. There were no
shortcuts taken. There is no such thing as a minor detail. Each complete bespoke tuxedo is
handcrafted by a single master tailor, resulting in a unified work deserving of an artist’s
signature. In today’s world of mass manufacturing, this dedication to art is unheard of, but the
difference is undeniable. When a bespoke tuxedo is sewn by hand, the component parts have
more freedom of movement, giving the finished garment more versatility and range of motion.
Feel the comfort of a custom-made tuxedo for yourself.

Our mission –

Simply put, our goal is to assist each of our clients in looking their best every day. Whether we
like it or not, our appearance matters, and the right clothes give us a competitive advantage to
help us achieve our goals. We take pride in the heritage, craftsmanship, and artistry that goes
into our garments at American Bespoke Tailor. We invite you to see the difference custom
clothing can make in your appearance for yourself.

Customizable options

When you choose a bespoke tuxedo, you have practically unrestricted control over your outfit.
You will be able to hand-pick every detail and completely customise how you want your bespoke
tuxedo to look, in addition to choosing the ideal fabric – everything to make it distinctly your

Bemberg linings

Bemberg/Cupro lining is normal on all of our tuxedos. A highly absorbent and anti-static lining
material. The yarn’s fine fibers have a round cross-section for outstanding smoothness and a
silky grip, making it an excellent lining thread.

Satin facing

The lapels, buttons, and pocket trim on our standard tuxedos are all satin faced, as are the
trousers (a vertical strip down the leg).

Satin buttons

Our bespoke tuxedos feature satin-lined buttons to match the rest of your ensemble.


Two-piece construction (tuxedo jacket & trousers)
Fabrics from Zegna, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Cerruti, and others are available in a variety of
non-branded and premium branded options.
A high-quality tuxedo that has been expertly made and is meant to last.
Fully customizable to your preferences and requirements
Paper patterns designed from the ground up to suit your specific lifestyle and scale
bespoke tuxedos in white, midnight blue, and black tie are available.
Fittings – To get the perfect match, you’ ll need at least two fittings.